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Welcome to Grimalkin Crossing

Posted: July 1, 2014 by zenstitcher in Information

This is the place on the web where two human grimalkin named Alesia Matson and Sue Grainger will occasionally post the counted cross-stitch charts we design. Some may be rather sweet, but most will be pretty subversive. Some might even be funny.

Fair warning: We’re middle aged and have very, very few fucks left to give, and it’s reflected in our charts. Just sayin’ it.

Have a look around. There’s not much here yet, but we’re working on it, as time and energy allow. I’ve got one chart ready to go, a quickie I threw together this morning in observance of one of the worst rulings by SCOTUS. Ever.

Hey, if you stitch a chart we’ve provided here? Send us a picture and if you want, we’ll happily post it. Unless otherwise stated, all charts here are provided free of charge and may be shared freely – just cut us some slack and give credit where it’s due, okay?

Until we get some furniture and art in the place, feel free to use the contact from below if you just gotta. 🙂