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The Last Thing

Posted: February 20, 2017 by suegrain in Besties, Progress Pics


I remembered that while I posted this on a FB group, I hadn’t said anything about it here. This crib cover has been in the works for oh, about six or seven months now, I think. I don’t normally do them because I don’t really know a lot of folks having babies, or rather know them well enough (my daughter’s friends I’ve only met once, for instance).

However, this one plus three others came to me via my heart-sister whom I knew for 35 years. She died in January of 2016, but she had two of these in the works, plus plans for two more. One for her grandson, her grandniece, one for an extended family member and one for her daughter’s own heart-sister. When I went to see her the last time, I told her of course I’d get them done.

Work was already started on the first two, so cranking those out was a relatively short piece of work and a bittersweet joy. Her sister-in-law finished them and also said she’d take the one intended for her granddaughter off my hands, so that left me with this one. I took a break before starting this one and actually got a lot accomplished before her private memorial service in September.

Therein is where I stalled. After that weekend, I just couldn’t bear to pick it up again because it hit me: This was the last thing I would ever do for her. The last favor, the last gesture of our deep bond. It’s certainly not the last connection but it felt like it for a while.

I finally picked this up again at the end of January and have been plunking away at it, slowly. The actions of attending her public memorial service at the beginning of that month helped close the circle enough. Fortunately my god-daughter and her friend are understanding and are in no rush for it, even if the baby will be turning two this year. 🙂 I hope to have it to them before then.

Grief is definitely an individual’s providence and we all go through it in different ways and deal with it differently. I’m rather glad I had these crib covers to do in the aftermath of her death. What will happen once I get it done and sent? We will see.