About Grey Cats

Sue Grainger and Alesia Matson have been friends for over 20 years.

Sue lives near Seattle, WA; Alesia, near Eureka, CA.

They have husbands, and grown children. They share a love of many things, including chocolate, coffee, cats, and counted cross-stitch.

And role playing games and fantasy fiction.

And the Internet, of course.

They are “of a certain age.”

They have very few fucks left to give.

Given all this, it was rather natural that they’d start coming up with ideas for easy-stitch cross stitch charts, sourced in all the frustration and hilarity a modern life offers. Offering them here is in the nature of an experiment. No warranties, expressed or implied.




  1. esuprofwriting says:

    Chrome thinks I want to come here when I login to WordPress, for some reason (with my wellshollym at gmail dot com address), so I wanted to see whose page this was. Come to find out… it’s Alesia! Hi, Alesia!


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