For All Who Woke Up Afraid [blog post]

Posted: November 9, 2016 by zenstitcher in Grey Cat Dreams, Information, Stuff

This is my tarot card of the day. For the real America, the America in which I live, this is going to be our card for the next four years. The message is extraordinary, and I’ve included it below.

The Five of Wands

This art is Marie White's and she is FABULOUS.

The Five of Wands, Mary-El Tarot

Here is the interpretation of the card, typed in by me. The grammar and phrasing are Ms. White’s:

A Lion is a great and powerful symbol for the Sun, with his corona of radiant mane, his domination of the landscape, his heart and roar, which according to the Proverbs of Hell is a portion of Eternity to great for the eye of man to behold.

This is the fire in the forest, Lion in the forest, is a fire in the temple, broken off piece of the sun; a burning, blazing, consuming and hungry source of life and energy, ancient and unfaltering. We tend to it, keep it, and pass it to our children. It is strong and old, it always perseveres and never gives up, nor is it ever tamed.

It is present in men and women, in the temple of our body. In the garden of paradise that resides in our breast. This is the lion that lays with the lamb. Aslan. The pure innocence of a child, or a unicorn, ox, aleph at the start of life, divine and untouched is in contrast to the omega-Lion, who has experience and through perseverance, wisdom and hardship been tempered and grown a great and courageous heart.

The fire from the 4 of Wands now has a face, a lion, a will, life of its own, individuality. It has direction, force, and determination. It is the tip of the spear wielded by the Archangel Michael to fight dragons in the 6 of Wands. This is your purpose, direction, Will, and Life.

KEYWORDS: Strength in opposition, perseverance, unwavering, unrelenting, powerful, great of heart. Conquer through heart, integrity, greatness. Point of no return. Tip of the Spear. Show of force. Righteous force. Force now beyond your control. Reality bearing down on you. Trail blazing. Even if you are getting beat up right now, you were made for this and have the skills to succeed.

REVERSED: Bloodlust. War. Violence.


The dragons she mentions in the 6 of Wands, the ones this energy is gathered to fight?  “Darkness and ignorance from within.”

I don’t know how yet, either. But I’m here at my home today, searching for the courage to leave my house. No apologies for that, if you know me at all, you know the battles I’ve fought just to survive depression, this year. Seven months ago, I was suicidal. This morning, before I looked at that card, I felt as if I were right back there again, that the last seven months hadn’t happened at all.

Now, I’m beginning to feel cornered. The door to Menelon slammed shut on me last night. I’ve got nowhere else to go, and a family full of bigots, mysogynists, and hypocrites that helped to put me in this place. I’m getting MAD, kids. And that’s a good sign — I’d rather turn this shit out, than in again.

Do me a solid, and leave me a comment here. Not on Facebook. Not from Twitter. I can’t even leave my house right now, there’s no way I’m looking at the rest of the bigots and and mysogynists on social media. If you’re scared, sad, depressed, or even angry, don’t be afraid to say so. We’ve got to reach out to one another today and find ways to stay strong until the shock passes.

  1. suegrain says:

    Feeling much the same way, to be honest. Sick to my stomach, harassed, stressed, frightened… We must fight back once we get our feet back under us again. We must. That is our only option. Not necessarily with guns and violence, but certainly with our minds, hearts and voices. And if they try to silence us, rise up louder and more ferociously.

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    • zenstitcher says:

      I hear that. My hands are still shaking, but just learning what it is to get a comment on a WP site made me laugh — not without irony — and cuddle my little grimalkin to dry my tears.

      God, the rage… wave after wave of it. I am going to have to figure out how best to put it to use. I’ve never been actively political in my life, but I’d rather fight them than turn this crap inward and wither from it.


  2. esuprofwriting says:

    I’m here. At home, in bed, with my purring old kitty. I don’t want to go out, either. My town is riddled with Trump signs. They have no idea what they’ve done.

    We can keep each other company as we hermitize, at least until the emperor takes away our Internet because we’re not hot enough to have opinions.

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    • zenstitcher says:

      hugs You know, I was thinking earlier how running away from the situation with some of my family in Ohio did me no good whatsoever. We, as a species, figured out how to make me pay for their willful ignorance, and for how terribly easy it is to scare them into doing awful, stupid, and rephrehensible things.

      Now I’ve got to address that, and I’m mad as hell about it.